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About Us

We are the premier automotive trim specialists in Australia, with a boundless vision for growth and greatness. We have developed a stunning portfolio of show, street, and dealer specific cars that have been transformed by our team.

We are currently the only automotive specialists in the country with an in-house design team. Our resident Design Director and artist, Naish Chapman, strives to turn your vision into a reality and create enviable interiors that continue to raise the bar for automotive excellence.

We are a homegrown company that, after the demise of the local automotive manufacturing industry, is proud to carry the torch and ensure that Australia has a strong influence in the global automotive landscape.

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Ceo of BNB Autohaus

At  BNB we  are  committed  to  creating  tangible  quality  in  every  Vehicle we build.  We  believe  that  a car should  be a  blend of  the  subtle  character  of  the  vehicle and  the  unique  personality of  the one in  the  driver  seat. 
Through  combining  flawless craftmanship,  world-class  engineering,  and  superior  design  capabilities  we  are  able  to  work  with  you  to create  something  truly  special  that is  built  to  endure.

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