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Using only the finest leather from the most trusted tanneries, we offer a wide selection of lively colours for you to choose from – ensuring that you can have exactly what you want.

Hi-Line Nappa is a naturally attractive, soft, and luxurious leather with the durability to meet and exceed the stringent demands of the modern interior market. Extremely resistant to colour fading, we can promise you long-lasting quality and vibrancy.

Classic Grain leather has a traditionally recognisable finish that oozes class. Produced to the highest industry standards, the use of innovative technology in the manufacturing process guarantees quality whilst respecting the environment.

Alston Technosuede is a high-performance suede effect fabric, where technical functionality meets luxurious quality. Light yet strong, soft yet durable; Alston combines specialist yarns and finishing techniques, resulting in a uniquely versatile product.

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