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We had the pleasure of building this beautiful 😍 Mercedes E63 from start to finish!


From the full vehicle matte black wrap with gloss black accents. The real head turner 👀 is the COMPLETE Tiffany 👜 leather and suede interior!! Nothing was left untouched in this build! 🥵

Full design consultation 🥶

Retrimmed in a full tiffany leather & suede combo 🥶

Hexagon inserts in tiffany stitch 🥶

Steering wheel & horn retrimmed in tiffany suede 🥶

All interior plastics retrimmed in tiffany suede 🥶

Dash retrimmed in tiffany leather 🥶

Roof blackout in suede 🥶


Starlight roof with Bluetooth functionality 🥶

Dash and front door accent strip in black suede 🥶

Full interior silver delete to satin black 🥶

Main key retrimmed in tiffany suede and silver deleted 🥶

Exterior wrap in matte black 🥶

Exterior silver delete to gloss black 🥶


Headlight & taillight tint 🥶

Wheels painted gloss black 🥶

Brake calipers painted gloss tiffany 🥶

15% tint all round 🥶

Front grill repainted in gloss black 🥶

Rear boot spoiler wrapped in gloss black 🥶 

Have a look at all the detailed images below!! 👇

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