Ok so you have booked your trim and paid your deposit.... what's next? 

Here you will find all the answers you need. 

BNB runs a very tight ship and likes to organise as much as possible so there is no confusion.


While we load your details into our system for booking we like to give you a few days to look over some style options so that when it comes to talking design we have a good idea on what you want.


we have a design consulation service avaliable with our designer if you cant make your mind up or if you want a one off interior. we do charge for this service. 

After your trim is booked and you get your confirmation email, we follow up with a E-mail requesting pictures of your current interior so we can get the right template for your job. We stock over 7000 templates so you can understand this part is extremely important, photos from google will not do. 


below you will find links to our leather colours, stitch colours, quilting and some FAQ's. 

Example of photos we need


A car interior usually takes us approximatly 2 weeks to manaufacture depending on how complex design you choose, the two weeks begins when we finalise your design. once we have finished your interior

we call you to book the vehicle in for fitment. 

when you car is in for fitment, we like to have 2-3 days for a sedan/wagon and 1-2 days for a ute/2 seater.

any unforseen circumstances such as seats requiring foam repair or something is broken when it comes in could lead to more time in the workshop. 



daimond flow

neon diamonds

twin needle diamonds

daimond wave

digital flower


honey comb




we can replicate just about any logo you supply us, business names, number plates,symbols,brands etc...

we already have heaps on file but if your after something specific let us know during the design process. 



send us logos from google

we will digitize them for your order